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English springer Spaniel hunting dogs puppies

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Archie (Current Sire)  and Sophie (Our black tri female)  playing, 2006

Top Gun Springers is a small family owned operation. We breed and raise top of the line Springer Spaniels for the bird hunter or for the person who wants the best companion dog he can get. We are not a kennel, as our dogs are house dogs and live with us. Our Springers are fully registered through AKC and meet all standards. We are located in beautiful Nevada County in the foothills of Northern California. We are here on an eight acre ranch with horses, pigs, chickens and other animals. We provide the new buyer with a health guarantee and record as well as answers to any questions you may have regarding care, training, or breeding. We cherish all of our dogs, including their offspring, so we offer a lifetime of "re-homing". We will be glad to take back any dog that an owner no longer can have for whatever reason. We will then evaluate him/her, do any necessary training and find a new suitable home for him/her.
  Our dogs are extremely easy to train due to their superior intelligence and the fact that they are so mild mannered and eager to please.
    These dogs are great in the duck blind as well as the pheasant or quail field, (see pictures in "about us").
    Springer Spaniels are very family orientated dogs and seem to take on their owners personalities. They are very loving and become really attached to their family. Our Springers have wonderful temperaments. They are very mellow out and about, around people and in the house. In the field, they are all business and love to retrieve, swim, and can keep up with the best.

So much of our dogs behaviors come from our constant, daily work with them and from including them in our everyday lives and activities. They are with us in the house much of the day but get outside to train, play, and exercise several times a day. We have a large "dog yard" for them to run and play together unsupervised when needed. These dogs do well in a family that wants to take the time to be with them. They do not do well in a backyard day after day, they will develop bad habits and probably exhibit behaviors that most would not appreciate, including being hyper, not listen, dig, possessive, as well as a host of other undesired behaviors. Please remember when choosing a dog for you family that they require daily exercise and attention as well as weekly grooming as well as obedience training. We can answer any questions you may have as well.

If you have questions about our policies regarding purchasing a pup from us please see our policies page link at the bottom of the page. You can read our deposit policy as well as view our health guarantee. Our pups come with a full health record, health guarantee, pedigree, sample of Purina puppy chow, toys, a leash and collar and folder full of information.

 Available pups and dogs

English springer Spaniel hunting dogs puppies

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Tonka's Archer

Spring 2008

Huntress "Sophie" Retired



Top Gun's Prince "Maverick"

 Top Gun's Chilli Pepper

Topgun's Montana Hannah 

Top Gun's Tobias(Toby)

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